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How to Manipulate Your Antagonist’s Goals to Enhance Suspense

Your character wants something. But someone else in his world, perhaps a friend or a random stranger, wants the opposite. These incompatible goals define them as the protagonist and antagonist. They both can’t succeed, so when their desires clash, behold! You have the perfect recipe for conflict. Conflict ensues when a character is faced with […]


Five Strategies to Conquer the Two-Headed Monster of Doubt

A creature lurks inside every writer’s brain. For some, he’s small and stealthy. For others, he’s gargantuan and grumpy. Sometimes he breathes fire, and sometimes he sneezes slime. He can be scaly or amphibious, clumsy or graceful, rank or aromatic. But, regardless of his appearance and personality, he always sabotages creative expression. He hisses fear […]


How to Achieve Multiple Levels of Conflict in One Scene

By Kate Flournoy Conflict is often viewed as two forces that clash and cause tension, but it’s much more complicated than that. Conflict is engaging because it prevents a character from attaining a desirable goal, which readers can empathize with because of the struggles in their own lives. Perhaps the character is a little boy named […]

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Kingdom Pen Cinema


We Have the KaPeeFer T-Shirt!

You asked. We listened (or Daniel listened at any rate). And now it’s here. That’s right. We’ve got the KaPeeFer T-Shirt. Watch the video below as Daniel announces its release as only he could. Buy this limited-edition shirt before July 31st by clicking this link. Josiah DeGraaf Josiah DeGraaf is a high school English teacher and literature […]


How to Write the Worst Allegory Ever

Oh yes. We’re going there. You thought we were supposed to give actual writing advice on this channel. But instead we have something else in mind. Have we gone completely off the deep end? Watch the latest KP Cinema video to find out. Music Credit: Andromeda Coast Josiah DeGraaf Josiah DeGraaf is a high school […]


What Is Kingdom Pen?

What is Kingdom Pen? Whenever someone asks me what Kingdom Pen is, I have a hard time describing it succinctly. We may have started out as an online magazine. But at this point, we’re so much more than that. So at our annual staff retreat, we recorded a video explaining what exactly Kingdom Pen is and […]

Short Stories


A Sprig of Green

By Jane Maree I scrub some of the dirt from between my fingers, trying to ignore the furious beating of my heart as I hobble across the pavement. My arms sting with small nicks and scratches from hours of scrabbling through the ruins, but all for nothing. I didn’t unearth a single tiny root. Not […]


To Whom the Future Belongs

Serena could change the future. Most days it wasn’t all that interesting. She’d see a potential future in her dreams where she’d break a pitcher or lose a button and, upon waking, simply take a different set of actions to avert the mishap. A far cry from the days of her youth when a warlord […]

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Book Reviews

Shadows of the Hersweald slider

KP Book Review: Shadows of the Hersweald

The war is over, and the Prince has pardoned everyone who rebelled. But what will happen to those who continue to harm the innocent? When the small town of Nerthach receives news of the pardon, the residents have mixed feelings. Haydn, a former rebel, spurns the pardon, believing that he and the rest of the […]


KP Book Review: The Woodcutter

The Woodcutter is the keeper of the peace between the Faerie realms and the magical, human kingdoms. But all is not right in the Wood and the Twelve Kingdoms. A young woman with chipped glass slippers lies dead in the Wood, without even a bruise to indicate the cause of her demise. A Wolf is […]

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