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How to Resist Writing Stereotypical Fantasy Races

A fine line separates inspiration and imitation, or so the saying goes. Writers struggle to define this boundary more than most artists—they are, after all, rearranging the same twenty-six letters in various patterns judged to be the most pleasing to the mind and ear. The number of plots guaranteed to captivate readers is also limited […]


How to Enrich Your Story with Magic

By Amy Caylor I’ve always adored fantasy. I’m fascinated with princesses in castles and knights battling dragons. But I especially love magic (and yes, Christians can write about it with discretion). To live in a world where books have self-turning pages and torn clothes can be mended with a gesture would be delightful. I’m particularly […]


Keeping Readers Grounded in Strange Worlds

Have you ever worried that the fantasy world and story you are writing is too weird to be believable? Some fantasy stories are so far afield of reality that their authors have (valid) concerns that readers will be lost and skeptical of the world, causing them to miss the important aspects (characters, theme, emotions). Does […]

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Kingdom Pen Cinema


How to Write the Worst Fight Scene Ever

Yeah, we know. Kingdom Cinema videos are supposed to come out toward the beginning of the month, not toward the end of it. What can we say? Sometimes it takes a while to get a video just right.   This video went through three different scripts and two re-shoots to get it just right. Now, however, it’s finished–and Daniel […]


We Have the KaPeeFer T-Shirt!

You asked. We listened (or Daniel listened at any rate). And now it’s here. That’s right. We’ve got the KaPeeFer T-Shirt. Watch the video below as Daniel announces its release as only he could. Buy this limited-edition shirt before July 31st by clicking this link. Josiah DeGraaf Josiah DeGraaf is a high school English teacher and literature […]


How to Write the Worst Allegory Ever

Oh yes. We’re going there. You thought we were supposed to give actual writing advice on this channel. But instead we have something else in mind. Have we gone completely off the deep end? Watch the latest KP Cinema video to find out. Music Credit: Andromeda Coast Josiah DeGraaf Josiah DeGraaf is a high school […]

Short Stories


Teaching Freedom

Arthur Blakeney hated September. He didn’t despise fall’s arrival, or his students’ return to his one-room schoolhouse, or even the picking of apples and pumpkins. He once welcomed all these changes and more, but now they evoked dread instead of pleasure. The annual Honor Ceremony fell smack in the middle of that awful month, and […]


A Sprig of Green

By Jane Maree I scrub some of the dirt from between my fingers, trying to ignore the furious beating of my heart as I hobble across the pavement. My arms sting with small nicks and scratches from hours of scrabbling through the ruins, but all for nothing. I didn’t unearth a single tiny root. Not […]

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Book Reviews


KP Book Review: King’s Folly

In response to the immorality and idolatry of the five nations, the one true God Arman sends judgement through severe natural disasters called the Five Woes. But the five nations do not understand this yet. Instead, they are caught up in political games and power struggles amid dealing with the first of the Five Woes. […]

Shadows of the Hersweald slider

KP Book Review: Shadows of the Hersweald

The war is over, and the Prince has pardoned everyone who rebelled. But what will happen to those who continue to harm the innocent? When the small town of Nerthach receives news of the pardon, the residents have mixed feelings. Haydn, a former rebel, spurns the pardon, believing that he and the rest of the […]

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