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How to Develop Realistic Sci-Fi Technology

On the surface, sci-fi is one of the easiest genres to define: stories involving speculative science. But the word speculative has deeper connotations than you might think. When authors incorporate as-of-yet uninvented technology into their stories, they are speculating answers to different what ifs. What if people had the ability to indefinitely extend their lifetimes? […]


Three Types of Telling You Must Erase to Create an Intimate POV

You’ve just created a new character and are excited to share his point of view with readers. He’s witty, charming, flawed, and about to embark on the adventure of his life. You’re desperate to bring readers up close and personal with him. If you don’t, you’re worried they won’t love him as much as you […]


The Sheer Awfulness of Christianity

As much as I appreciate saying “you” instead of “thou,” I can’t help feeling that modern English has lost some of the richness our language once possessed. The word awful is a prime example. Today we use it to mean “bad” or “disgusting,” but its original definition was more along the lines of: “inspiring such […]

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Kingdom Pen Cinema


Character Types: The Sidekick

It’s the Day of the Sidekick. And that means a revolution is happening. Today, Josiah and Daniel were scheduled to discuss the potential merits of the sidekick. But instead, Daniel and Anna decided to take over the show. Is the sidekick an under-utilized, under-valued character who’s brushed aside far too often in modern literature? That’s […]


Character Types: The Love Interest

As everyone knows, every good hero or heroine needs a love interest. Preferably multiple love interests for the sake of suspense. Just make sure that at least one of the love interests is perfect in every way. After all, we wouldn’t want the hero/heroine to have to learn wisdom in this relationship… …right? In our […]


Character Types: The Evil Overlord

It was only a matter of time before a video series on character stereotypes would get to the evil overlord character. And so here we are. The overlord character often struggles to be much more than a cheap Sauron rip-off. And it often struggles to be more than a Sauron rip-off because readers assume that […]

Short Stories


Ceiling Tiles

Anna Shipley had often been told she was an old soul in a young body. And upon being admitted to the Golden Years nursing home at age nineteen, her first thought was that fate had an unusually twisted sense of humor. Following that initial observation came a host of others, mostly of a grim and […]

The Girl on the Island

The Girl on the Island

A young girl stood on a beach, watching the water lick at and swirl around her bare feet. But instead of glimpsing her obscured reflection in the undulating ripples, she beheld visions of sorrows she had experienced and outcomes she wished had been different. The sea foam receded as her thoughts deepened, and she didn’t […]

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Book Reviews


KP Book Review: The Lost Girl of Astor Street

By M. R. Shupp If your best friend was kidnapped, to what lengths would you go to bring her home? Piper Sail is an eighteen-year-old woman living amidst the jazzy 1920s. When her best friend, Lydia, goes missing, Piper breaks the societal expectations for a woman her age and investigates the disappearance. She earns the […]


KP Book Review: Gunner’s Run

By Bethany Melton Are you a World War II fanatic like me? If tales of war heroes and rugged survival immediately draw your imagination into the excitement of historical drama, then I have a must-read for you. Nineteen-year-old Jim Yoder doesn’t consider himself a hero. He would be the first to admit his fear and […]

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