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  • Interview on Dystopian and YA Literature with Author Nadine Brandes (+Giveaway!)
  • The Sound of Redemption
  • Why Most Modern Christian Allegories Fail (and How to Prevent This)



Interview on Dystopian and YA Literature with Author Nadine Brandes (+Giveaway!)

Back in April of this year, I was privileged to attend a Christian writers’ conference where Nadine Brandes led a workshop (one of the main reasons I registered for the conference). I’d been following Nadine for a while before the conference. I noticed how she was personal and sincere with her readers, wrote fun blog […]


Why Most Modern Christian Allegories Fail (and How to Prevent This)

As of this Saturday, I’ve been reviewing submissions at Kingdom Pen for four years. During this time, I have seen several trends in content that’s submitted for publication. Few are as prevalent as allegories. Roughly half our fiction submissions are allegories of some form. But I can count on one hand the number of allegories I’ve […]


How Symbolism Benefits Character Arcs

Character arcs are bothersome. Let me clarify: creating character arcs is bothersome. Character arcs in and of themselves are terrific; they aid with theme, character development, and the execution of vital plot points. Yet, they require effort to pull off correctly. Writers risk dumping all the character’s growth on readers like a pile of bricks, […]

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Kingdom Pen Cinema


We Have the KaPeeFer T-Shirt!

You asked. We listened (or Daniel listened at any rate). And now it’s here. That’s right. We’ve got the KaPeeFer T-Shirt. Watch the video below as Daniel announces its release as only he could. Buy this limited-edition shirt before July 31st by clicking this link. Josiah DeGraaf Josiah DeGraaf is a high school English teacher and literature […]


How to Write the Worst Allegory Ever

Oh yes. We’re going there. You thought we were supposed to give actual writing advice on this channel. But instead we have something else in mind. Have we gone completely off the deep end? Watch the latest KP Cinema video to find out. Music Credit: Andromeda Coast Josiah DeGraaf Josiah DeGraaf is a high school […]


What Is Kingdom Pen?

What is Kingdom Pen? Whenever someone asks me what Kingdom Pen is, I have a hard time describing it succinctly. We may have started out as an online magazine. But at this point, we’re so much more than that. So at our annual staff retreat, we recorded a video explaining what exactly Kingdom Pen is and […]

Short Stories


A Sprig of Green

By Jane Maree I scrub some of the dirt from between my fingers, trying to ignore the furious beating of my heart as I hobble across the pavement. My arms sting with small nicks and scratches from hours of scrabbling through the ruins, but all for nothing. I didn’t unearth a single tiny root. Not […]


To Whom the Future Belongs

Serena could change the future. Most days it wasn’t all that interesting. She’d see a potential future in her dreams where she’d break a pitcher or lose a button and, upon waking, simply take a different set of actions to avert the mishap. A far cry from the days of her youth when a warlord […]

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Book Reviews


KP Book Review: Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth

Everyone in the galaxy has a gift, similar to a magical talent, which develops during puberty. Few have a fate, an inevitable future event in their lives. Akos and his brother have fates, which makes them dangerous, despite being only the children of a farmer and an oracle. Cyra and her older brother, the children […]


KP Book Review: The Lost Girl of Astor Street

By M. R. Shupp If your best friend was kidnapped, to what lengths would you go to bring her home? Piper Sail is an eighteen-year-old woman living amidst the jazzy 1920s. When her best friend, Lydia, goes missing, Piper breaks the societal expectations for a woman her age and investigates the disappearance. She earns the […]

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